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Oct 6, 2014

ocean cabin. {she with her honey hair, on flickr}
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Nico in “Chelsea Girls” by Andy Warhol, 1966.

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It’s Cohen
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Sep 23, 2014

Grid Pattern Dress

This modern dress features a bold grid pattern in cream and black. The sweet collar and clean structural lines make it the perfect modern fall dress. You can purchase it here 


Heehyun Oh, 2014
Photo: Tayler Smith 
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Heehyun Oh, 2014

Photo: Tayler Smith 

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Kisses” video takes inspiring stand against India’s criminalization of homosexuality 

In December, India’s Supreme Court overturned a lower court’s previous decision that had decriminalized homosexuality. The top court’s ruling declared same-sex intercourse and marriage illegal again, ending a four-year period of gay freedom. 

Kisses, a new video from Grapefruit Productions filmed at the Bangalore Queer Film Festival in February, tells the Indian government exactly what people think of the ban on same-sex love. 

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Crescent Beach, Cannon Beach, OR

Crescent Beach is a little hard to find and is usually found devoid of people.
I came here on a sunny yet foggy day and I was the only creature on the beach that wasn’t a seagull.

Taken on 35mm film with a Olympus OM-1

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Kiana of Finch & Fawn
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Big (sad) Eyes

Photography by Hana Haley
Modeled by Emily Alben & Hannah Metz
Hair & Makeup by Pamela at Blackbyrd 

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Look Book - Late Afternoon

Spending the last days of summer flipping through books, feeling the ocean breeze, and watching the vibrant colors of the Southern California sky shift.